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How to Cut Down on Single-Use Plastic

If the BBCโ€™s #WarOnPlastic has taught us anything, itโ€™s that plastic is in everything we buy. Given the choice, most of us would buy more sustainable products, but this can feel like an impossible choice when all youโ€™ve ever known is the plastic world. To help, Iโ€™ve put together some alternatives that I use instead of plastic. #singleuseplastic #climateemergency #plasticpollution

Best Friends Forever? Here’s Hoping!

Navigating the world as an adult is hard. Partly because we neglect the people we once swore would be our friends forever. Now that it’s #MentalHealthAwareness Month, I want to remind us why friendships are so important, and offer some ways to make all that hard work worthwhile.